Pop Art prints - The process of creation


Let me introduce you to our creation process where ancient artisanal skills meet contemporary culture and something new and beautiful emerges. 

First the piece of reclaimed wood needs to be selected, carefully cut, evened and prepared. 

The transfer needs to be done with absolute precision, calm hands and a well dimensioned portion of daring. Once the image is applied, there is no way back, no correction possible.

Now the object needs care and attention, some filing here, some reinforcement there, not to compare with any modern photocopy or laser carving processes.


More than one hour of artisanal work is needed for each of our objects, our capacity is limited to a few hundred objects per month. No print is the same, each one has it's own personality.

It takes a while to dry and rest before the final protective varnish can be applied. 

Each object is an ambassador for a different way of loving contemporary culture and in the same time a statement for sustainable living.

The outcome is a piece of acquisition which is inspired by your favourite artist, and captured with beautiful simplicity.

Handmade with Love in our small workshop in Barcelona.